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All superyachts build by Picchiotti

Name: Grace E

Length: 73 m

Launched: 2013

Name: O'Natalina

Length: 58.5 m

Launched: 1985

Name: Galileo G

Length: 55.7 m

Launched: 2011

Name: Lady Hayat

Length: 47.55 m

Launched: 1982

Name: TM Blue One

Length: 46.32 m

Launched: 1988

Name: Golden Compass

Length: 46.3 m

Launched: 1982

Name: Christiana

Length: 45.72 m

Launched: 1982

Name: Golden Eagle

Length: 42.76 m

Launched: 1990

Name: Libra Y

Length: 42.5 m

Launched: 1977

Name: Aetea

Length: 40.78 m

Launched: 1981

Name: MaRo

Length: 40 m

Launched: 1988

Name: Stella Maris

Length: 38 m

Launched: 1987

Name: Freedom

Length: 37.73 m

Launched: 1986

Name: Liberty S

Length: 36.88 m

Launched: 1955

Name: Nomi

Length: 30.8 m

Launched: 1997

Name: R. Paolucci

Length: 30 m

Launched: 1970

Name: Christianna

Length: 29.7 m

Launched: 1987

Name: Loaloat Al-Behar

Length: 103.85 m

Launched: 1982

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